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We are proud to welcome the Pearland ISD community!

With News for my School, the Pearland ISD community will have access to discounts and deals from the businesses that are in their area.  This means they will see more savings on the products and services they use the most throughout the year.  The sponsor messages will be placed throughout the Pearland ISD website and in the e-Newsletter.


Through all the years of growth in Pearland, the school district has consistently been at the heart of the town.  The first school, built in 1893, was a one-room wood structure with a wood burning stove and an enrollment of 23 students taught by Miss Nanie ROgers.  More than a century later, the district has 23 campuses, 1069 teachers, and an enrollment of more than 19,000 students.  Pearland ISD strives to offer a world-classs education that develops every child's unique gifts and talents.


Support your local businessses who support your local community!

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News For My School can handle that for you. With our extensive network of partners, teachers, and parents, creating a customized newsletter unique to your school district is what we do.
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