Provide the families in your community with the news they need while allowing local businesses to support your school district.


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Across the country, funding for schools is decreasing drastically. Most districts are facing possible cuts in personnel, programs and more. There is a way for your district to provide an added benefit to the employees and families of your district, while adding valuable revenue with no costs involved for your district!

School-Pons provides school districts with advertising revenue in a unique way by taking their perks programs online. School-Pons helps your teachers, administrators, and families in your community save money by allowing local businesses to offer deals and specials all year.

Local businesses will be allowed the opportunity to show that they care about the families in your district. The local merchants pay for ad spaces that allow them to showcase their products and services, while providing discounts and added values to the families and employees of your district.  School-Pons put local business in front of their local community and customers at the right time, when they are actually interested in purchasing the products and services that they provide. There isn't a better way to show the families of the community that you care than supporting the school district.  As business, this is best way to reach local families and teachers that surround you for an entire year.


Every community is different. We offer customization options within our publications to help deliver your school district’s message the right way. Our goal is to create publications that will be a compliment to your current district offerings, while providing your district with the revenue you need.

Our goal is to help your district raise revenue, provide a valuable district employee benefit, and provide the families of your district with valuable discounts from their local businesses.

Please contact us for more information on how to get started!

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It would be great for your school to offer your own newsletter, but it can be a full time job to create content every month.


News For My School can handle that for you. With our extensive network of partners, teachers, and parents, creating a customized newsletter unique to your school district is what we do.
And the best part? It's 100% free.